documentation of the soup of Nov 3 2018

made with whatever's in the cabinet or at the corner store

split mung. could have used a bit more beans, not used to this new pot yet

boil that shit down for a while

looking good

stabmix if you want

top up and cook a while longer if you want

not pictured: ghee, the beans

or do the rice separate

after the rice has been going for 5 mins

5 minutes after that. i like a heckin lot of tomato. careful there archimedes

ghee or vegetable oil

mustard seeds and chili peppers


if i had whole cumin that would go in the fry last, roasted powder works pretty good tho. also don't have any fresh ginger around today. Nor do i have any hing right now :( o well ...

whole-ass stick of butter

verdict: i usually put more beans than i want, which is fine. finally managed to put a bit less than i want, which is also fine. since i used a crapton of tomato too and plenty of water, it's more like a tomato rasam. spice level is on the milder side, that's fine. decent, not bad, i've made better out of worse, OK with that.